Mother About importance of personal experience Each person and furthermore the child, very individually reacts to various procedures which are especially connected with cold water.

Mother sometimes better than the doctor will pick up that option which will be most we accept for her child.

And if you feel that to your child chtoto helps, but it is necessary to do not absolutely as I spoke, trust in own intuition.

So, well wetted cloth is taken out and quickly turns back round the childs body so that handles remained from above free, and legs, on the contrary, were wrapped inside from all directions.

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Asasas, asasas


Asasas, asasas Basketball, excavation, grazed.

Asasas, asasas Plasticine, expense, stock.

Asasas, asasas Guest performer, pan, expert.

TWINKLES The bungler dissolved paints in oil.

The scattered said goodbye to a pan.

Karabas Barabas kissed a folding bed.

Fantomas stepped on plasticine and burst into tears.

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Who to it on a visit

Who to it on a visit After any choice of the picture the teacher asks: Why you decided that this picture approaches what I read?

In case of difficulty the teacher accompanies repeated reading the text with examining by children of an illustration, then asks: Show where the holiday at Masha is drawn.

Who to it on a visit came?

What presented to Masha on birthday?

Further the picture is closed, and the child ask to tell contents of the text.

If the child does not cope with a task, he is offered to tell the text with a pas support the picture.

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Kudryash, the White

Kudryash, the White In pagan times of kids called on characteristic physical, sexual or other sign So, the been born darkhaired boy could be called Chernysh or Smuglyan.

And the girl with the snowwhite person and a fair hair Albina.

Kudryash, the White hare, Slanting, etc.

was simpler to think up a name to the child on an external sign in total.

Where it was heavier to compare the childs birth with a profession of parents.

For example, Kozhemyaka could be born in a family where the father was engaged in a dressing.

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If six years

If six years And we will postpone miracle No.

for later.

And Dima of it will not forgive me!

All right, we will look what are still possible options.

If six years a difference already big, mean it is necessary to reduce it.

To five?

Well, too there is a bit too much.

Besides with my pathological passion to beautiful dates was not suitable for the birth of the second kid at all.

However, as well as for the birth of the first there was a wish that it was But that happened, happened.

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Fell to the share

Fell to the share Fell to the share of these mixtures , of all mixtures of concordants an izba an izdushka; the ant muravet, a goat skin, clay length; mixtures of the consonants designating affricates and their components t t h , of total number of mixtures of concordants though хоч.

Errors of this look serve as the indicator of not formation of the sound alphabetic relations that takes place at all children at the initial stages of training in reading.

Children with violation of phonemic processes have speeches of mixture of the letters designating akustikoartikulyatsionno similar sounds remain and at later stages.

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During At a yoke examination is conducted during a manipulation with subjects or in the course of the organization of the elementary games with the minimum restriction of a freedom of movement of the child.

Therefore the space inspections can mix up on a floor, to a case with toys, and it is possible, to extend on all square of an office.

During the work with children of , years along with toys it is possible to use colourful illustrations to well familiar fairy tales with a simple plot Turnip.

Kolobok, Teremok, Chicken of Ryaba, etc.

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